Dadihiye( Pronounced Daddyhere)  is a phrase from  our country and it translates as a word to describe when  a toddler is learning how walk and you hold their hands to help them stand.

Dadihiye Somali Development Organisation

Was established as a charity in 1993 in the UK and obtained its charity number 1041387 in October 1994. Dadihiye is also a Limited Company by grantee (no. 8192593).
Our mission
is to improve the lives of disadvantaged, deprived, low income, underprivileged and marginalized people, those with vulnerable children and those who are socially inaccessible among the Somali community
and BMER members.
Our Goal
is to reach Somali people and those from other BME communities need our services to enable them to use the available mainstream services. We will help them to try to attain the best for them and to reach their potential needs. Dadihiye aims to continue to make positive contribution to the socio-economic development our service users and improve their lifestyle. We continue to strive to complete our goals to a high standard and give a high quality services, skills, independence and improvement for the community.
In our quest to achieve the best for our clients we continue to be supported to by organizations like KCSC; the organization provides Fund raising support and trainings to improve our organizational strategies.
Our Vision
Our vision is that the Somali Community to integrate to the wider UK society to achieve good quality of education, financial independence, self-confidence and social inclusive within the UK’s multicultural society.
We will continue to use our multi-level support system offering practical help to the community. We provide quality services and indeed we are known for this according to our client feedback satisfaction for our services.
We aim to continue the high quality service to those in need.
Our project is here to support disadvantaged people from BMER groups especially those who originally from Somalia.